Iwona Pielesiak, Ph.D.

Institute of the Built Environment
and Spatial Policy
Faculty of Geographical Sciences University of Lodz
+48 42 635 45 78


  • MSc degree in geography – 2005 (professional specialization: built environment and local government), Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences, University of Łódź;
  • PhD degree in geographical sciences – 2012, Faculty of Geographical Sciences, University of Łódź, title of doctoral thesis: ‘Territorial Cohesion of the Metropolitan Area of Łódź in the light of infrastructural linkages’, supervisor: PhD, prof. T. Marszał.

Teaching fields

  • spatial economy, theory of politics and spatial economy, cultural landscape

Research fields

  • urban geography, spatial policy, metropolization of space, co-operation between local government units, spatial (territorial) links and cohesion.

Selected publications (in English, French and German)

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