Director of the Institute: Tadeusz MARSZAŁ, prof., Ph.D.
Deputy Director of the Institute: Elżbieta KOBOJEK, Ph.D., assoc. prof.
secretary’s office: Andrzej NOWAK, M.A. & Barbara Romanowska, M.A. &
Aleksandra WIERUCKA, M.A.
http://kzsipp.geo.uni.lodz.pl/ | email: zzsipp@geo.uni.lodz.pl
Facebook: facebook.com/KZSiPP
tel. (48) (42) 635 45 70, fax (48) (42) 635 45 72
90-142 Lodz, Kopcinskiego St. 31, Poland

Institute of the Built Environment and Spatial Policy is an independent research and teaching unit within the structures of Institute of Socio-Economic Geography and Space Organization of Faculty of Geographical Sciences, University of Łódź. Research work of the institutes employees focuses on the aspects of socio-economical geography and spatial economy. The Institute runs programmes of studies for bachelor’s and master’s degree in the field of specialization ‘Spatial Economy’. At the moment the Institute has 18 employees, (including one full professor, five associate degree, ten doctors) and three technical staff members.

The Institute, headed since its establishment by prof. Tadeusz Marszał, Ph.D. consists of four departments:

  • Department of the Built Environment (head: Tadeusz Marszał, prof., Ph.D),
  • Department of Spatial Policy (head: Mykoła Habrel, assoc. prof., Ph.D),
  • Department of Physiography and Spatial Planning (head: Elżbieta Kobojek, assoc. prof., Ph.D.),
  • Department of economic Geography and Social Policy (head: Agnieszka Rochmińska, assoc. prof., Ph.D.).